My car died in Philadelphia.

It’s already been towed to a storage place where it will be taken to a shop a little later this morning. The problems occurred just as we were leaving last night. We were fortunate that the car came died while we were looping around the same hotel we stayed at.

The tow truck guy showed me part of the issue. The battery was dying, but not yet dead. For a while, the inside lights, power locks and features still worked. He shook the power cables, pointing out they were loose. We still couldn’t get it started.

Best case scenario, we need a jump and the cables need to be tightened. Second best is the cables just need replacement. Bad situation is the alternator needs replacement. Worst case? Starter too. Though I doubt that. We know for certain that the battery will need attention at least, so we’re not in the dark on this.

Finishing my draft will be held up. But there’s still time. Will have to spend the next few nights hacking away at it.

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