Little Victories in Spring

At 12:58 am last night, I leaned back in my chair and basked in the satisfaction of finishing the second draft of the synopsis for my novel. The first draft was completed a couple of days ago, but it was unbelievably bare boned and entirely unproofed. The last couple of chapters were nothing but a sentence long placeholder. The second draft fleshed them out entirely, explaining what was going to happen, and satisfying about 90% of what I want to accomplish. The total tally was 51 pages.

I know, I know. Finishing a synopsis isn’t anywhere near as interesting as finishing the novel itself. But in some ways, the synopsis is where the real meat of the work lies anyway. With its completion, I have my story and my characters fairly fleshed out. And the plot moves at the right pace, either jogging or sprinting, but never walking. I have assembled the skeleton, and the result is a piece of work with good bones. I’ve sent the piece to a few beta readers to eye over for any lingering plot holes or problems.

Once the beta readers get the synopsis back to me, I’ll glance over it one more time before I send it off. While waiting for approval or any final changes, I can turn my attention to writing a few short stories in the mean time and really, really get back into the writing game. The earliest story deadline coming up is on April 15th, barely a week away. I doubt I’ll be able to make that deadline, so instead I’ll focus on the next one, doing all my research and jotting down a one page synopsis for each of my tales.

Here’s hoping that 2014 is an incredible year.

Cover Art of New Anthologies

Babies require a lot of care. Diapers, food, love, it’s quite a bit. But sometimes, you get a special child. Sometimes, you’ll need holy water, fire, sunlight, garlic, silver bullets and girded loins. Cruentus Libri Press is firmly aware of the difficulties such children can be, and thus have concocted an anthology of cautionary tales to prepare the lucky parents of monster babies.

"Aw look at em! He's a coconut this guy..." -Famous Last Words

“Aw look at em! He’s a coconut, this guy…” -Famous Last Words

But wait! There’s more! As if horror tales involving pint sized sociopaths weren’t enough, we can even bring in the family doctor! Also including a story by yours truly!

There's pretty much no healthcare joke I can make that won't anger somebody right now...

On the bright side, your HMOs got this.

Look for both these new anthologies this month! … please. Also coming soon: The Black Wind’s Whispers by the Bolthole. And by soon, I mean someday.