New Years Resolution

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve completed my goal of writing 10 short stories before the year is up. Almost all of these stories went towards publications with token payments, anywhere from $5 to $25 a story. At least one went to a pro-rated publisher, willing to pay the industry average of $.05 a word.

Here is my new regime for writing. Nothing is lofty or dependent on anything specific, which increases my odds of pulling these off.

1) Submit two short stories a month.

This is a decent goal. At my going rate, I’m pumping out almost four stories a month. It has cost me a few nights of sleep and most of my spare time, but it has gotten me in the right mind frame to keep going and developing my skills.

2) Get a pro-rated story published.

A story worth $.05 a word. Anytime next year. To maximize my chances, I should aim to make one of my two submitted stories go towards professional paying publishers, even if it means I’ll be published less often.

3) Read three how-to-write/get-published books.

Most of my reading has been more fictional. Devising how to write in a manner akin to what editors want. But there’s behind the business scene that I only partially get. And I need to make a stronger effort to shore up my weaknesses and strive to present my work more effectively to editors.

4) Lay the ground work for my novels.

I don’t expect to get a novel finished next year. I’d be worried about the quality if I did. Instead, I’d like to jot down the chapter-by-chapter synopses of several novels. Maybe I’ll start one after I finish laying them out, but I really do want to keep going with short stories until I hit a three year mark and the resulting body of work.

Have a happy new years everyone!


One Resolution to Rule Them All

I really hope that's a finger...

I really hope that's a finger...

So I slapped together a new resolution I call the ‘Goodbye 20s.’ I think the joy of the 30s is that they’re great earning years while I still have my general youth.

So I slapped together a short list that will grow throughout the next month. I like a balance of things. Some physical, body building stuff. Better finances. A few writing successes. A few social ones as well.

But I have a hard time coming up with things that are really “living it up.” Career successes and financial achievements are nifty. But saying, I don’t know, ‘I went on a sabbatical’ or the like is more ideal.

But it’s enough to get started. Not everything can be done. I’m unlikely to make enough money for the 20 to 30% down payment on a house I want to do (the more I pay now, the less I pay with interest later). But I can diet, work out, write and work to advance my career. Save money for that trip to Las Vegas.

Getting a body like one of these guys would be awesome. But I doubt I could gain that much muscle mass in a year. Before you ask how Chris Hemsworth overtook Ryan Gosling, a shirtless man who commands the respect of other men will always beat a lady killer, regardless of how much he works out.

Anyway, my writing slowed down again because of the release of my works’ production software. This came without warning to my team and I was suddenly up to my neck in work to do. It’s about done and goes live at noon today. I’m really, really looking forward to next week though. I can’t wait for things to go back to normal both at work and with the holidays. People and family demand a lot of time. And I hope to have some to myself to focus on working out, reading and writing.

Expect a review of Prospero Burns next week as well as The Scarlet Letter. Happy New Years!