You Be Peace, I’ll Be Quiet

After a month of slackerdom caused by a feeling of impending doom, winter blues and excitement over the book, I now have to return my focus to my job. My usual loquaciousness has been stymied. I will find time to write, finish my Christmas shopping and so forth, I will be silent on my blog until this weekend.

Later nerds!


So far, this week has started very poorly.

My last post mentioned a failed alternator in my car. That was fixed and the issue resolved. Car ran fine and I drove the 3 hours home.

I decided to go into work for an hour. But 270 was clogged. I changed my mind and got off the nearest exit when I got into an accident.

No one was hurt, thankfully. But the car is having problems. I returned it to the shop, just barely making it as the engine continued to shut down on me. I suspect the battery cables have been jarred and rain water was leaking in. With the trip to London coming up, it’s just more expenses. I owe the gent for the damage to his ride.

I think after this, I’ll be returning the car to my parent. Although I’ve enjoyed my time with the car, it has been a cause of considerable problems. It continues to break down and get fixed. It has eaten into my reading, the time I would otherwise spend finishing books on the metro (local train) is gone driving, even though the benefit has been less time traveling.

I’ve also cut back on expenses. I’ve started making lunch at home, cancelled Netflix and plotted my commute to be the least expensive. Hopefully, I can start to recover my savings, but this has been a very harsh Monday.

I’ve decided as well to cancel my Bane costume for Halloween. Although inexpensive to design, I do not think I’ll have that much time to finish the mask. Also, my designs to shave my head are weakened by the fact that one, it would be a strange impression to leave on the people I plan to meet in London. And two, it will be colder there, not ideal for a guy who would be bald for a while.

Instead, I’ll just sew the buttons on the black leather jacket and go as the Punisher again. Not ideal, but at least it’s something.

Hopefully tomorrow, all these problems will be handled. Until then, it’s back to writing and working. Here’s hoping the rest of the month goes alright…