Two and Two Zeroes.

When you have doubt, go back to the beginning for a minute. Start from the basics.

Trying not to lose sight of what makes something great can be hard. Some stories start strong but over time lose those elements that caught audiences in the first place. The ones that are well remembered studied and improved what they had before and never lose sight of what they are.

I say this because first, this blog is over a year old. That’s right, we started on August 15th, 2011. And second… because this is my 200th posting.

That’s kind of a “Whoa!” moment. Think about how many blogs die out after a dozen postings. Or small businesses who don’t survive their first year of operations. Yet somehow, despite the odds, I’m still here. Babbling away at the internet. Trying to mix some kind of wisdom into the chaos. A cheap laugh into dark times. All that good rot.

Anyway, some news today. Cruentus Libri decided to publish my tale in their upcoming Dark Side of the Womb anthologies. That’s anthologies plural. And I won’t be alone, as my chums Alec (Raziel4707, I need to update his blog link) and Jon (Tyrant) will be published amongst those anthologies as well. I should note that I have not yet signed the contract, just got word of it. But I think it’s alright to spread the news.

So here’s to the next one hundred posts and whatever I can publish between them…

100th Blog Post

This morning, the internet woke up and rubbed its face, brushing off the crusty crap of attempted blogs, websites and other crud that grows on it. Normally, it sheds unused pages after a wash, cleansing itself of the loquaciousness of people who finally shut up.

But this morning, something was different. Something was strange, off.

This blemish, this mark was still here.

A worried look passed on the internet’s face as it took a magnifying glass to the mirror to take a look. And up close, its eyes widened as it saw the mark on its countenance… and the mark read:

He2etic’s Hysterical Horoscope 100th post celebration!

The internet’s reaction was both rational and understandable.

Well good morning to you too, internet.

Well good morning to you too, internet.

100 blog posts and I’m still here. So I should probably celebrate… or, something. So I’ve decided that I’ll be setting up another section for submissions to publishing companies, come out with a new lay out and perhaps even get my own domain. Good times!

Here’s to one hundred more!