Ticks Me Off

Because it's colorful and makes you read this.

Because it's colorful and makes you read this.

“No,” I audibly told myself as I dressed after the shower.

I was thinking about my alternative history horror piece.  I’m exactly 2,353 words into the story. But in my mind, I envisioned three major parts. The problem was when I realized I had used up more than a third of my available word count and I haven’t even started part one.

This draft isn’t wasted. There are plenty of good ideas, names, ranks and researched areas and objects that will be in the final product. There’s still more research to do and improvements to make. But I came out of the shower with an idea of how to go about restarting the story in a way that grabs the reader by the throat.

I’ll start Monday after I work out. I’ll just sit down and write it out from beginning to end.


He2etic’s Horoscope Improvements

And the location of the self-destruct button is...

And the location of the self-destruct button is...

A slight improvement today. On the top right you will now see links to pages, which include content collections. Specifically, you will find lists for the ever-so-unpopular music for writing, and my growing collection of book reviews that you don’t care about!

I have also added a few new links to the bottom right hand side, including the sites for Ninja Sex Party, Harry Patridge and Egoraptor. Who is Egoraptor you ask? Well I’m just going to take the hipster route and say you’ve probably never heard about him…

But that would be obvious then, wouldn’t it? Anyway, I’ll be back later to continue polluting the internet with my unwelcomed opinion. Nap time.