The Week’s Demise

My job interview went alright today. It was clumsy, but I touch upon everything they needed to know. I suspect they’ll consider me, but only in comparison to everyone else they’ll interview next week. I need to sit down and re-articulate my interviewing skills a touch before I do that again.

That’s on my plate for Monday. For now, I’m going to work out. My alternate history horror story was completed and send to Raziel4707 and Lord Lucan for review. It needs work in cutting some words from the beginning and middle to improve the ending.

Tonight, I am actually going to my mother’s and bringing a load of goods with me. I’ll be busy with around-the-house projects and spending time with her. I’ll be pulling down a few short stories into a lap top that’s coming with me so she can review them while I do house work.

Here’s hoping I hit next week harder than I hit this week, although I wouldn’t say I was soft this week either.