Level Up, Snake Plissken!

It was so rewarding yesterday, and again this morning, to use the 40 pound weights. I have never performed a bicep curl with one and to do so now is an indication of how much my body has grown since I was a pale skeleton back in high school. What can I say? Ding!

Also, found a nice compilation of music for body building.

Alright, so onto the thought of the day: Escape from New York meets Fallout. Hilarity and a great game ensue. Yeah, some say it was kind of done with The Pitt expansion. But that’s not enough for me, and I’ll explain some of my different ideas in a moment.

Defining 'bad ass' in the 80s.

Defining 'bad ass' since the 80s.

If you’ve never seen Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, then I just don’t have anything to say. But the fact is that Snake Plissken not only defined what was awesome in the 80s, he became an inspiration for another character who goes by the name of Snake.

What kind of story would it have? Let’s say that the countries of Europe have managed to contact the Enclave or N.C.R. and are trying to set up a meeting. But the current president has been kidnapped and has access to technology that they were expecting to help them rebuild. Taking a line from Van Buren, they turn to the Prisoner to assist them. They throw in the bomb collar, but the prisoner can find a way to get rid of it on island to prolong his stay. And life.

So what exactly would I do to set it apart? Well, aside from the amazing hardcore mode in Fallout: New Vegas, I would add:

  1. You can be attacked while sleeping.
    Surprise! You find a sleeping bag or a spot for sleeping and crash for a few hours only to wake up attacked by a cannibal raiding party. These attacks can also be deterred with explosive mines and traps (which wake you up) or the ‘Light Sleeper’ perk which gets you up and in the action.
  2. Fast travel requires a vehicle.
    You can get a cabby or the ‘Driver’ perk if the cabby has had an unfortunate accident of which you had nothing to do with. You murderer.
  3. Escape from New York style weapons, perks and armor.
    Silenced uzi with a scope. Stylish shin guards. Molotov cocktails and crossbows. ‘Bad Ass Rep’ perk, which automatically gets you ‘in’ with a lot of people, instead of  ‘Lady Killer.’ I could day dream about this all day, but no one is paying me to do it. Yet.
  4. Escape from New York inspired gangs.
    Not just the Duke, a-number one. Cannibals, drug users, crazies. Again, I could go on.
  5. Vast ending options.
    Save the president? Maybe. Take him prisoner of your own if you get rid of your bomb collar? I like that idea. Escape the island on your own? Also viable.
  6. Urban environment.
    No more waste crawling. Tons of apartments and stores. Sewer and metro system. A single, but entire, city.

I could dig it. Problem is it needs to be bigger and badder than anything before. I mean huge. I might throw in additional ideas. Or maybe I’ll try to come up with a mod of my own so people can play my vision. I might even do away with the idea of ‘safe houses’ to get people to focus on survival instead of hoarding. Hoarding is fun but the survival aspect was one of the reasons I like the frustrating Dead Money add on. You take what you need and move on.

I’ll think about it some.

Oh What a Night

The Soldier doing CPR wrong.

The Soldier doing CPR wrong.

What a night.

Yesterday, I cracked open my Playstation 2 to try and realign the laser as well as do a spot of cleaning. I found a handy guide for it as well as a few Youtube videos. What sucks about that guide is that they were having picture problems yesterday, but I remembered enough when I first read the guide to repair it.

Sadly, my efforts didn’t bare much fruit. The PS2 games are working, as Metal Gear Solid 3 ran swimmingly. Vagrant Story didn’t boot when I finished although it did run earlier, and Escape from New York ran just once. Still, I don’t need the DVD player (I have another). I’d be content if the PS and PS2 games ran. I’m going to try some rubbing alcohol to touch up the laser next time.

Maybe I should consider a Playstation 3. They recently dropped the price to a tidy $250. I guess I worry about when it’s coming and how much the Playstation 4 will cost. I also want to play Metal Gear Solid 4 and a few other games, but Hideo Kojima is still being a tease about Zone of the Enders 3.

Earlier in the night I played more Team Fortress 2. My performance hasn’t been great lately, with a kill-to-death ratio of 1:1. When you factor assists into it (which I personally score as .5 kills), I’m not doing terrible. Still, I want to get better. Although the Pyro is still my favorite, the Soldier has really been growing on me as I start using the Equalizer and rocket jumps. What gets me about the Soldier is that it’s the perfect class for both beginners and experts, since the rockets are easy to understand but rocket jumps and the rest of the Soldier’s arsenal require some experience. That and making people’s heads a ‘splode.

Ahahah, Strong Bad. Maybe I should check out Poker Night at the Inventory. Oh, and Back to the Future. Damn you Steam!