beertoastIt’s the middle of March. It’s actually St. Patrick’s Day, or better yet called “Writer’s Refueling Day”.

I really should have been writing the last week but I haven’t. I’ve been horrible at it. Distracted by other tasks and chores. Too many video games, too much reading. Too many little work assignments and friends coming out of the woodwork. I kind of want to go home, lock myself in my room and just write, page after page, word after word until I pump out a handful of short stories to send to various publishers. That may happen on Tuesday.

We will see.

Distractions are understandable but the timing was bad. Spring is the time that many magazines and publishers open their doors.

On the plus side, I did finish editing all the stories that were passed to me for the Marching Time anthology that Narrativium is organizing. I am debating whether or not I should involve myself in the next Bolthole Anthology in anything other than an advisory role. I think it a great learning tool but I really want to break into the more professional publications. The Bolthole Anthologies require a considerable investment of time that is becoming a scarcer resource.

After reading so many great stories, I’m a bit at a loss for crafting plots again. My head is just… out there. Hopefully something will come to me today.

Some Serious Developments

So word came in yesterday that my contract has come to an end at no fault of my own. I’m not worried about it. Financially, I am in no worries for sometime. And in my field, it’s not too difficult to find a new position.

But I look at the spare time as a tremendous boon. Now I can catch up on the movies I’ve been waiting to see and work out more. I can polish my resume, work on technical skills and study business and programming. I’ve been meaning to for sometime. I can read more and write way more.

I deactivated my Facebook account in order to focus on writing for a while. I just don’t need the distractions; the latest political rantings, the pictures and memes, the occasional chats. I’m hot and bothered enough, thank you.

I’ll be taking it easy. Talk to you folks on Monday.