Tau Commander Wha?

Hey baby, wanna get together and kill all humans?

Hey baby, wanna get together and kill all humans?

Yep. Strange no?

Although I thought that Dawn of War II had for the most part run its course, it seems that THQ is getting into some serious purchasable DLC habits. And I don’t mean just the cosmetic ones we’ve seen in chapter specific DLCs. Specifically, they’re giving players a brand new hero for the Last Stand.

The Tau Commander.

You can check out the impressive new hero character at Shack News. However, I think there’s little doubt that this is the kind of set up that the upcoming Dawn of War III game will probably focus on. A core game with lots of purchasable elements to it.

Keep you posted.

My Eye…

This makes me so happy...

This randomly makes me so happy...

The review for Nemesis is 80% complete. Sadly, I scratched my eye a touch too hard. It hurts and is sensitive to light, so I got to give it a rest. All I’ve got for you is a short update today.

If you haven’t heard this month old news, Dawn of War III is on the way and according to a few sources, they’re looking to make it somewhat MMO-ish as well as allowing the player to collect and build their own armies. The developers are looking for something to make it vastly different from Starcraft II, whose expansions will make new content appear for the next 3 to 4 years at this rate.

Blizzard and Games Workshop have some history, if I’ve heard correctly. Supposedly, Blizzard originally wanted to do games for Games Workshop but after the dealings fell through, they ventured out to do their own thing. Thus, there are similarities between the two, especially early on. But since then, Blizzard has apparently moved away from visual similarities between GW’s intellectual property.

Me? I have no animosity towards either company. I enjoy most of their products. Blizzard’s lore is interesting, but the reason I buy their games is simply because they’re fun. When I say most however, it may surprise you to learn that I don’t like World of Warcraft or Warcraft in general. Sure, I loved Warcraft II. But the third installment got a touch too cartoony for me. I am much more a Starcraft and Diablo fan, Diablo especially for its dark tones.

I’ll probably write a more sourced article on it later this week, or next pending how long it takes my eye to heal. That’s all for now. Post tomorrow.