Angry Marine RAAAAAAGE

Having to fight the Emperor MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

Having to fight the Emperor MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

  1. Boot up Space Marine.
  2. Go to the Customizer.
  3. Select Chaos. Go to the armour selection screen.
  4. Check out the ‘Rage’ helmet. You don’t have to own it, just hover over the option to see what it looks like.

Well done THQ. You made the right helmet for the wrong race. How am I suppose to fight without my mmmngry game face?


Anyway, I’m going one and done for the Black Library September submission window. It has been sent. I poured tremendous work into that one story and I like how it came together.

Had a friend who is a professional editor and proof reader gloss over it and give me the a-ok stamp. Sent it in. So if they don’t like it, then I’m not ready to join them. There’s always next year. The only way a writer can fail is if he gives up.

In the mean time, I made a promise to myself to try and work on submitting to a few fictional magazines. I actually already have a listing available. Later, I’ll put together a spreadsheet to track who gets what stories.



I’m also going to consider putting some art, such as either my models or sketches, on the blog. Although DeviantArt is quite cool, I’ve heard (though have not confirmed) unsavory things about the nature of how DeviantArt’s respect for IP works. True or not, I’d rather just do my own thing like Forjador or Jeff Preston.

Normally, I try to stay away from taking art. There are times I’ve considered whether or not to use a picture for my blog (that one time with Forjador’s work was with his permission and for his promotion). And often, I decide not too for that reason.

When I do post art, it’s usually book or movie covers who benefit more from exposure than not. If asked, I’d take it down. But it has not happened yet. Had an idea for an interesting story this morning. Post about it later.

Irene and How-Your-Social-Life-Can-Survives-a-New-Game Guide

This is why I love

This is why I love

So D.C. took another round of natural disasters with Irene. Granted, Irene was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm after making landfall, but she still inflicted some damage on homes and infrastructure. It was worse than the quake, but we’ll make do.

While the storm hit, I spent the weekend at a friend’s place for a hurricane party. We brewed pumpkin pie ale and enjoyed pizza, guacamole and good beer while chatting and playing a card game of Would You Rather…

Games like that are always interesting, because on one hand you want to say what you would do and on the other hand you have to think in the shoes of the person who asked the question. There’s no real win or lose either, and such games like Apples to Apples are meant to curb any competition for a social aspect. You don’t have to speak to one another for chess. But Would You Rather… is all about conversation.

Cool thing though was that at the party, I got to know a gent I had met before. As it turns out, he and I had a lot in common, including both being Team Fortress 2 advocates as well as Warhammer enthusiasts. If you haven’t got Team Fortress 2, get it. It’s free on Steam and upgrading your account is a one time cost of $1 if you find yourself liking it. Anyway, this guy collected a Warhammer Fantasy army of Dwarves. I’ve considered a Fantasy army, but would want something I can use in the 40k universe as well. You can use feral Orcs or crazed Marauders in 40k in some capacity, but not Astartes in the fantasy setting.

Moving along, Space Marine is due out in 7 days. On one hand, I might want to make a crew of the Bolthole gang. On the other, my buddy will probably want to do an Angry Marines clan. I’ll figure out which soon enough. Now, if you want your social life to survive a new game that you will probably have to make for some preparations.

  1. Clean your house. Because you’re not going to be doing this for a while.
  2. Pay your bills. Too easy to forget to do this, so do not procrastinate.
  3. Stock up on quick meals. If you’re like me, you may want to consider some healthy food options if you’re watching your waist. But quick meals save time, and save money that would otherwise be blown on expensive pizza deliveries.
  4. Hang out with the friends who don’t play. You’re going to disappear for one, possibly two weeks. So hit the happy hours, buy them a round, laugh, smile. Be a good wing man. Make the most of it.
  5. Treat the girlfriend nice. Make or take her to dinner, be romantic. Do something wonderful. Or she won’t be around when you get back.
  6. Work out like a champ. Alright, your body is going to suffer from a wee bit of atrophy from sitting there for a few days. To prevent this, you may want to work out hard core so your body actually needs you to rest. What’s that, body of mine? You want me to take it easy? I can do that…
  7. Get a list of who is playing. Find your friends, get them together. At least they know where you’ve been, because they’ve been playing themselves.
  8. Figure out your time off. You would have had to prepare for this ahead of time, but a day or two can really make a weekend rock. If you have flexible hours, consider taking a few hours off a day for a week, so 6 hours work days for a week while using 10 hours of time off. Play it right and you can beat traffic home, giving you even more free time to play. However, I do not advocate working from home because you wouldn’t actually be working.

This is probably the most eclectic batch of tags I have ever posted.

5 Modelling Ideas to Save Money

I like 40k’s modelling aspect. There’s something incredibly rewarding about putting together an amazing looking tanks or commander. On the flip side, it’s expensive. The current going rate for a Force Commander is $20, while the price of a Space Marine Tactical Squad is $37.25. Multiply the squad’s price by two and factor in taxes and possibly shipping, and you’ve spent $100 on just the core army. And that doesn’t include the cost of tools, paint and the codex.

Needless to say, these costs can be restrictive for some younger players who want to break in but are slowed down by waiting on their allowance. But do not fear, for here’s are five ideas to help you save some money in building your army, as well as links to guides to help you out if you don’t know how.

Although, Leonidas of the Angry Marines maybe an exception to the "No Pre-painted Purchases" rule.

Although, Leonidas of the Angry Marines maybe an exception to the "No Pre-painted Purchases" rule.

1. Use eBay
Buying from hobby stores is not the cheapest option. Very often, I’ve found that I could buy troop sets for well near $10 less on eBay. Shop around, check back regularly. If you find a seller you trust, look them up regularly. Don’t be afraid to ‘buy now’ if you see a bargain.

It’s also cheaper to buy just the part than a whole new model just to get that one option you want. Say you want to create a Space Marine Sergeant with a power sword and have most of the parts except the sword itself. Well, if someone has assembled a Force Commander and didn’t need the Power sword, putting it on sale on eBay can make both people happier.

A word of caution though. Think twice before buying any already painted models, because they’re either over priced, aren’t the army you want or can be poor quality.

2. Save your Bitz
Usually by the time you finish building a basic troop choice, you have tons of left over weapons and arms and maybe some heads. Believe it or not, some sellers on eBay sell only the missing parts. Bases, bodies and legs (and possibly backpacks) would be all you need to use up your bitz and bolster your army’s numbers or give you special weapon options. As of this writing, I see 10 Space Marine torsos (both front and back) on sale for $1.

It also pays to keep bitz around for repairs to existing models, or for making special models that may would as stand-ins for other models. For example, the Imperial Guard Basilisk and Leman Russ both come with components to assemble a makeshift Master of Ordinance character if you can get a spare base. Or whatever else your imagination allows for.

3. Use Spray Cans
When assembling a massive army you can either painstakingly slather Chaos Black paint all over each individual model for its base coat. And you do that while telling yourself that it is worth the lost time and several pots of paint. Or, you could use some Chaos Black Spray.

The price is currently $15.75 but shop around and you could probably find it cheaper. But the real joy is that hours that would otherwise be lost putting a thick coat of paint on dozens (if not hundreds) models are reduced to about 15 minutes and a nice, incredibly thin coat that preserves details. And this may save on buying several pots of Chaos Black, usually leaving you with plenty to use again later.

4. Buddy up with your Hobby Store

I stopped going to my first hobby store after I got tired of the poor manners of the staff. Not long after I find out about a new hobby store, one that was way better and the staff were nice guys. One day, I walk in and I get frustrated I can’t seem to find much 40k stuff there. “Hey,” I ask the manager I sometimes chat it up with, “What happened to the Chaos Marine stuff?”

“Oh,” he says, looking a bit guilty, “You missed the spring sale. Guys were lining up out the door to buy 40k stuff.”

Yes, my friends. Hobby stores indeed do sales. Keep your ear to the ground and find out when they occur. And then stock up a bit. It’s not like models decay with time or anything.

5. Buy your own Tools
Oh sure, I’m certain that the Games Workshop paint brush set and tools are fine quality. But then again, it’s just a paint brush. Let’s face it. For the same price as buying a single brush, you could probably get five at a local hobby store. Games Workshop does not have a monopoly on the high quality paint brush business, either.

So keep on modelling guys. And uh, I don’t mean the Zoolander kind of modelling…