A Chinese New Year Resolution?


The above artwork is from Android Jones, an amazing artist whom you should look into. This particular piece is a reference to the year of the ram or goat, which began on February 19th of this year.

It’s on that note that, as of late, I’ve been thinking a great deal about why people make a new year’s resolution at the worst possible time of the year. I mean, I get the symbolism of choosing the restart of the calendar, but the practical timing of it makes it very difficult to maintain one’s personal integrity. On the east coast of the states, it gets cold and dark. And we tend to make these promises of working out and taking better care of ourselves when we’re the least likely to actually do these acts.

Winter, man. That’s when we’re encouraged to eat food that will stick to our ribs and stay inside. I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad time to make an intellectual or spiritual pursuit. But physically? It makes more sense to wait rather than to punish oneself. Why not wait until after the winter is over? I’ve started jogging again and it feels phenomenal.

I’ve also been indulging in some self-improvement. I’ve been brushing up on my tech skills and trying to catch up on my pop culture knowledge. Recently I’ve been trying to finish reading John Steakley’s most memorable novel, Armor. On the surface level, the description reads like a rehash of Starship Troopers. But once you dive in, it’s one third psychological horror and war, with two thirds space piracy meets The Catcher in the Rye. Yeah, you read that correctly. But weird as that sounds, it works. Very well. I’ll probably discuss this in detail tomorrow.

I’ve also been trying to watch some classic movies I haven’t seen before. Recently, it was The French Connection starring Gene Hackman and based on a non-fictional events involving detective Eddie Egan. I was surprised how well the crime movie holds up to modern standards despite being released in 1971. As it’s available for streaming off of Netflix, I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it check it out.

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