Titanfall Hiatus


Onward, valiant steed!

Starting since yesterday, I’m not touching Titanfall for a month.

My game play has truly plateaued, and the reasons for it are plentiful. I’ve had a few network issues since the last patch and now frequently have bad ping, probably due to the “missing token from Origin” issue I keep getting. My system is just too out of date… frame loss during up close fights has hurt my survivability. I’ve been stacked against a number of better opponents too. Or maybe I’m just too frustrated by it to think clearly.

My current generation requirements aren’t much help either. Explained, the game divides itself into 50 levels and 10 generations. At level 50, if you’ve satisfied all your requirements, you can promote yourself to the next generation, a respect worthy accomplishment. G3, my current generation, requires 75 Pilot kills with the R-97 Compact Submachine Gun, and 50 Titan kills with the Plasma Railgun.

Interestingly enough, the R-97 was my choice weapon for the longest time when I first picked up the game. Over time however, it felt increasingly outclassed by other weapons, namely the C.A.R. SMG. I keep letting myself get lured into open fields where the R-97 is at a disadvantage, or just my gun play sucks and I need practice. Too often, I’ve found myself on the wrong side of a close call. Like getting gunned down by a guy who I left with a meager 25% life left.

But nothing ached more than one particular Titan on Titan fight when I shredded the guy’s shields and nearly had him when I had to reload my Railgun. He got the better of me… with 1% health left.

It’s not that the Railgun is a bad weapon per say. It is quite powerful. A fully charged shot against the weak point of a Titan’s armor is devastating. The problem is that between the charges and the small ammo magazine, I either get shredded by multiple Titans, or find myself whittling the guy’s health just enough so someone else steals the kill I desperately covet.

If the game was more inclined to promote teamwork, then the Railgun will have a place supporting my teammates. A lot of Titanfalls‘ achievements and game play doesn’t center around working with others. Sure, you get some experience for assisting in the kill of Pilots and Titans, and there are a few achievements for riding the shoulders of allied Titans. But the rest of it is very self-centered. You have to get the kill for it to really count towards anything, especially generation progress.

Currently, I’m level 38. I’m 24 kills with the SMG and 13 kills with the Railgun before I’m ready for G4. Sure, I could grind my way through and get the last needed kills. But as I’ve gone from being a constant top three player to a consistent rank 6 (the bottom), it’s time for a break to fix my strategies, improve my rig and figure out my network problems. I’ll come back better than ever.

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