Biting the Bullet

I’ll feel better writing, I tell myself. And I know it’s true.

That’s what I told myself this morning when I received another rejection letter. It was fairly blanket rejection, the reason being that the story wasn’t quite right for them. In retrospect, I could imagine why. I got somewhat confused by their ‘looking for’ section with regard to themes. They were okay with dark fantasy, but say they’re not fans of swords-and-sorcery and epic fantasy. This can be… a little confusing. There’s usually a very thin line between swords-and-sorcery and fantasy.

But I tried and now I know what they mean.

I have confidence in the tale. It’s extremely possible that the story is good, and that I just misunderstood what they want with regard to genre. I’ll feel better when I submit it elsewhere, and get back to writing.

But between work and the holiday season making intense demands, and editing for an anthology (which takes precedence) I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to write. There is still research to be done for my last three short stories this year. I will find time to research, write, proof and submit all three, but it will truly be last minute before the year ends to beat my own resolution for this year.

At least the deadline isn’t the same as the submission deadlines. Submitting work right at the end of a submission window tends to be an easy way to get rejected. Not that the story is bad for being so last second (I’ve heard that Necropolis, my favourite book by Dan Abnett was rewritten at the last minute when the original draft was lost), but by the time it arrives, the editor’s mind can often be made up by people who finished their drafts earlier.

The anthology, Far Worlds, takes precedence however. We’re parsing through the first wave of drafts. We have three editors giving the drafts a firm eye over. Thus far, we have some definite winners, a few that need some polish, and a couple that are in the unlikely bin.

12 days left before the new year.

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