PA Report Shutting Down

I was shocked.

I read Penny Arcade for a laugh every other day, and I truly enjoy the side comic The Trenches as well. But on occasion, I would check out the PA Report. For those of you who don’t know, PAR was a news outlet for gaming, run by Ben Kuchera.

When it comes to gaming news, I am very picky. I read IGN just to stay up to date with current events, but when they start to overdo things (like the finale of Breaking Bad) it tires me out rapidly. Other sites like Kotaku have tended to let politics in far too often. I play games because I want to turn off my brain, not fret about the state of the country. Church and state may not longer be as strongly united as they were during the dark ages, but politics and fanaticism are still very much in lust with one another. I doubt that will ever change…

But PAR, I respected. On occasion, I would read over their thoughts not only on games but the gaming industry as a whole. I feel I owe Kuchera and his team a debt for opening my eyes and killing the romanticism of game development. They made me aware of the abuses and the hard times that people underwent just to produce a single title. While I don’t ‘recoil in horror’ of what I’ve learned, it has given me a desire to change certain aspects of the business if I ever rise to such a position myself someday.

This is beyond a shame. Normally, I roll my eyes when I hear over pretentious journalists remind the world that they are responsible for the first draft of history (and the damage first impressions can inflict). Or shake my head sadly when I hear about some media source cooking up or making drama just to feed the 24/7/365 appetite for around the clock news. But PAR lightened me up. They made me believe in the importance of journalism again.

So good luck out there, Kuchera. The world needs journalists it can trust. And you’re the right man for the job.

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