The Standard Writer’s Career Checklist

Step 1. Gather together everything you want to submit too. Be sure to include the web address of the submission guidelines and a due date. Enter this data into some kind of sortable list.

Step 2: Ask yourself what you can reasonably do. Think, realistically, of what you can accomplish and how long it takes you to do it. Although short stories can technically be finished in a day, it usually takes longer. Especially if they require research, creating a synopsis, then a first draft followed by editing, proofing and then submission.

Step 3: Sort the list by earliest due dates. You will need to sort and change due dates according to what you can reasonable do. For example, if you notice that a huge listing of submissions are due in December, and there’s a huge gap in October and November, then move up some of those due dates. Make them personally over professional.

Step 4: Hammer at it. Tell your significant other that you have to write, then go somewhere quiet and shut the door. Turn off the games, closes the books and get off of Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. If you wish to listen to music, do so. But if you find yourself constantly changing the station, turn it off. Eliminate all distractions and excuses.

Step 5: Repeat these steps daily. Make a goal for yourself. A thousand words a day? More? Good. Don’t worry about editing until it is finished.

Step 6: Submit. Return to step 4 if there remains writing tasks. If not, return to step 1.

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