Writer’s Rewards

So I decided to conjure up an incentives system for myself. These are things I want to do, but don’t want to get sidetracked.

Current publication count: 5 published (7 after contracted pieces are finished).

At 10 published short stories: Create Facebook author’s page.
My reluctance to do this comes from the fact that Facebook might require more policing than, say, a Twitter account, this blog or an Amazon Author’s page. Besides, I don’t want to create a page when I’ve nothing to offer. At 10, I feel comfortable going forward with it.

At 15 published short stories: Start novel.I have a couple of novel concepts lined up. Granted, I wrote a novella before, but that’s just not going anywhere for a while. It could probably use touch ups anyway. But it would be a good time to start that first novel and really crank out the first few chapters.

At 20 stories published: Write a screenplay.
I’ve always wanted to do this. Mostly as practice for writing a comic book or a short film, but to craft something new and interesting. I might even craft it as some kind of “tie in” or “fan” fiction
(cough The Punisher cough) and simply stash it for later should that company come a-calling. So basically, it would be just for me and no one else.

More to come…

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