PR Slingshot Effect?

I’m in a possibly curious position.

Here’s what’s going on. A few months back, I mentioned my work being accepted for a couple of anthologies. Due to a few events, Under the Knife and War is Hell will not be released for a while. Although frustrating, there’s nothing I can do but wait it out and continue to write. However, thanks to the Bolthole Writers’ Fair, I’ve gotten four submissions into various publishers, and more are on their way at all times.

It suddenly occurred to me that given the time frame, it could be a blessing or a total curse. It’s certainly possible that anywhere from two to six stories (maybe more) bearing my name could suddenly “explode” onto the scene mid-summer.

If it does occur, it’s neither how I intended nor wanted to. I was hoping to have a gradual build up of my name. Like every other month, a new story comes out. “Oh James, the author of that previous story you liked, just pushed out something new.”

And in terms of sales, I doubt it’s beneficial. Books cost a small amount and take a while to be used. So other books I wrote might be “drowned out” by the onslaught. But on the bright side, it’s not impossible to take the sudden interest in my name and use the momentum towards something bigger and better. But I don’t know what.

If summer sees a spike in new traffic, I’ll have to be ready.

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