The Bolthole Writers’ Fair

Keurig coffee just does not count. It really doesn’t. But now that I’ve had real coffee, I’m making an announcement for all you fellow writer-type people. Drum roll please…

The Bolthole Writers’ Fair

What’s it about? Every year, novice writers tell themselves that this is the year they’ll be focusing more on their writing career. And like a New Year’s Resolution, they cling to it for about a week until the job, kids and friends drag them back into the abyss of a “normal life.”

The horror.

Simply put, it’s a challenge to help get yourself out there. For the never-been-published, this is the chance to try. For those who want to expand their meager bibliography, this is definitely for you. This is not really for people who intend to write for self gratification or to fill Amazon with self-published yarns, but those who want to be published by their peers.

The BWF starts on May 1st. Rules are pretty basic:

1) Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to browse the internet for announcements of new submission windows. If you find any, share them on the Bolthole.

2) Pick a publisher you want from the list and write. Write 1,000 new words a day, focusing on flash fiction or short stories. Thus you should pump out roughly 5 to 6 new short stories before the month’s up.

3) You can proof during the fair, but it doesn’t count towards your 1,000 words a day. If there’s time, you should leave proofing until after May.

4) Don’t submit crap. This is not a race or NaNoWriMo. Finish your drafts, then proof and submit according to the publisher guidelines after the BWF. If the due date is during May, prioritize it, but don’t fall behind on doing your new 1,000 words a day.

What do you get for participating? Well, you craft a few new short stories and will have publishers you can submit against. We’ll also be hosting a short series of interviews of various small print editors and publishers to help you pick out what they’re looking for. You can also sign up to receive a daily boot up the ass email to help you stay focused.

So sign up at the Bolthole today! Just become a member and leave your email.

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