Funny thing about hope. You get it when you open Pandora’s box…

Anyway, it’s been a busy night. I’ve taken the edits and suggestions of both my editors and am about half way finished implementing them. I really meant to be finished already, but the tale is somewhat long. Tonight, I’ll wrap it up.

The closer I get to the deadline, the more nervous I feel. I’ve been making the horrible mistake of reading author reviews on Amazon, of authors I appreciate and admire. Whenever I see anything less than 3.5 stars, my heart sinks.

That could be me soon. That could be the anthology not being the huge success I quietly hope it will be. I trust that the guys brought me their best work and I can votch that it is damn good. And I say without arrogance that some of the guys, like Jeremy Daw and Jon Ward, did some of their best work yet. Better than mine.

But you never know. Bad luck frequently takes the form of bad timing.

How many good movies got crushed because they chose the worst weekend to release? How many books get passed up and unnoticed because some unforeseen event happens that distracts everyone? Or a wave of same-genre fiction crashes upon the market, and a gem is lost in it?

For every factor I can account for, manage or control, there’s 10 other things I cannot prepare for. There’s nothing can do about that. I can’t control the market and I’d oppose anyone who tries.

Nothing to do but relax, finish my work and publish. Oh, and finish reading Valkia the Bloody.

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