Star Wars Episode VII

As I drove into work this morning, I was thinking about the very thing that was every nerd’s mind right now. Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilms, and the upcoming new installment to the Star Wars franchise. Episode VII.

As I considered the possibilities, I couldn’t help but feel that there’s just no way the Star Wars movies could get worse after the most recent trilogy of episodes I through III. Web comic artist Zach Weiner(…smith) nailed the sentiments on the head with his tweet on the matter.

In her defense, she's probably the only Disney Princess with a blaster...

In her defense, she’s probably the only Disney Princess with a blaster…

The purchase is a blessing and a curse in my opinion. On one hand, Disney has had very impressive returns after purchasing Marvel. The downside is that Disney would have a lot of incentive to avoid some of the darker themes that were explored in the third episode and persisted through the original trilogy.

I honestly have very, very little idea what Episode VII would contain. My understanding is that the ideas and story for tales of a post-Imperial galaxy exist. Several novels suggest as much. But I really don’t know what to expect. Disney gave themselves a due date of 2015, so I’d like to think they had a game plan on the table. At least a script of somekind and a few ideas of what to look for cast wise.

To be honest, my favorite area of the Star Wars franchise is actually the awesome Knights of the Old Republic series by BioWare. The intriguing first game was so good, I beat it and immediately started a new character. While I haven’t touched the MMORPG, the single player games were fairly awesome and I hope Disney has the guts to continue making them. Perhaps even talk to BioWare about a new KotOR trilogy in the same continuous vein of Mass Effect.

While I don’t know if Disney can do as well as the original movie trilogy, I don’t think they can do as badly as the prequel trilogy. It will probably help that Lucas will not be directing it. Episodes V and VI were not directed by him for one. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of years.

8 responses to “Star Wars Episode VII

  1. I think it helps to think of IV-VI as entirely their own thing and not let all this other business affect their reality. There are fascinating parts of the Star Wars universe carried out in other stories, but nothing will ever come close to that perfect little thing that is the original trilogy.

    • That’s a good attitude. It helps with ignoring whenever a bad sequel or side story are made. The whole, “It destroyed my childhood” bit can be cured by not watching it.

  2. SWTOR left me a sour taste. So much potential. It should have been KotOR III. But Bioware under EA is not the same Bioware I used to love… it is almost as if everything touched by EA turns wrong somehow… rushed, unfinished, unpolished… castrated would be a better word perhaps.

    • Probably the share holders concerns for the bottom line. Good games cannot be rushed, but EA is determined to make a fast cash formula for gaming. This is why I think smaller, indie games are the path of the future: Fewer voices shoving for creative control, smaller budget. And when it hits big, you cross your fingers that the developers have enough business sense not to let the business side usurp the art side.

      Business is inescapable, but gods. It’s not what I’m giving them money for.

      • Which reminds me… i wonder what Disney’s plans are for maintaining any kind of relationship with EA in the future.

      • I share your view there. That may explain the success of the Kickstarters so far. On the subject (and off topic!) have you been following Wasteland 2?

      • I have not. I still need to read Cloud Atlas like you recommended. My focus right now is putting together the book.

      • Back to the Star Wars subject, I just read that Star Wars 1313 (not sure if you are aware of that one) won’t be affected by the change, Disney won’t touch it. I’ll leave you a video about Star Wars 1313 just in case:

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