Self Responsibility

Today, I’m rewriting what is the most important story I’ve ever written thus far. Others will eclipse it in time, but this is a milestone of importance.

I say this not because of ‘how good it is’, because it isn’t good. I got my fingers crossed that when I finished, it will be. Or at least that it will be better. I say this because of all the people behind it and relying on it. Just as I am relying on their work. There is a self-imposed due date that others besides myself are holding me too. There is the critical question of future anthologies, but all that is technically dependent upon how this one goes.

The story in question is difficult. It takes place in the city of London, a place that I am very unfamiliar with. It takes place in the early seventies, a period of which I didn’t exist yet. It involves the London Police Force during that decade, a subject that my knowledge is near oblivious.

I’m quite thankful for the assistance of the two editors and a chum who happens to be a member of the London police force himself for their insight on how to improve the story. Their comments have reignited my passion for writing.

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