Review Coming Soon

I feel the need to wait for a while on my review of The Dark Knight Rises.

There are a few reasons for this. I want the outrage over the shooting in Aurora, Colorado to die down. I also need to see it again.

This movie was my first IMAX experience, and I chose a poor one location for it. The speakers were too loud and distorted Tom Hardy’s Bane voice. The other reason for needing to see it again is its depth. Like most of Nolan’s movies, this one had a tremendous amount of thought behind it, lots of plot twists and strong development.

While I’m capable of giving a review based on what I saw, I walked out of the theater with a wide range of emotions and ideas regarding it. I’ve seen movies I hated the first time and discovered in second viewing weren’t as bad as I first felt. And other movies were “the greatest thing in the world” until the awe wore off.

The movie is certainly worth seeing and I enjoyed myself. I can say that much. But the depth requires a second viewing to appreciate the details, both subtle and obvious.

In the words of Treebeard, “Do not be hasty.”

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