Non Profit Editing for Certifications

I have not forgotten my last post about what is essentially a non-profit way for editors to earn their credentials. I have been doing some research against the SfEP in order to understand the goals that a potential editor would have to achieve. I am also about to start studying some of the account structures I can do with PayPal in order to handle the financial side of things.

At the moment, I am considering a very small set up on a trial basis of about a month. I would host the editing contacts on my blog as well as the PayPal information. I would manage the submissions alongside the editor, stepping in whenever an editor is unavailable to inform the submitter within two days and refund any money that has been donated. This would provide some third-party moderation.

So in case anyone is interested, the answer is that I am still researching the possibility. And when and if we’re ready, we’ll take a minimum risk dive into it. If it fails, any money donated will just be used for general education purposes. I’ll talk more about this later after the research is nearly finished.


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