Making Cuts

Last week, my total writing time was 20 minutes. That was just enough time to finish editing my short story submission for the Black Library and send it. The first of two, mind you.

Something isn’t going to get written in time.

If that doesn’t give you an indication of how screwed I am with regards to my writing schedule, I don’t know what will. I didn’t have a weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday were spent at work. Meanwhile, I have my self-published anthology drafts to finish and the cover to finish drawing, not including prelimary editing, finding an ink & color artist and giving them enough time to finish what must be complete.

There’s the second of my submissions for the Black Library, which I haven’t even started on. Oh, there’s also the alternate history-horror piece the remains in ugly draft, and the ghost story submission which remains completely untouched.

While there’s technically no rush to finish the self-published piece, it doesn’t matter. Every spare minute dropped on that is one taken away from the professional submissions. And editing takes a lot of time. A lot of time. And not every edit makes sense. Once you’ve edited something, expect to edit it again.

I’m giving up the ghost writing submission window. It sucks, but there’s just no time.

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