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I have so many thoughts on my mind…

First off, I have a job. I start Monday. I cannot discuss it.

I completed Deliverance Lost and Phalanx, which lasted me 2 days. Spoiler warning. Phalanx has particularly drained me emotionally. I was, am and will remain a huge fan of the Soul Drinkers. But their tale has concluded. I hoped that maybe the Soul Drinkers would go on, but I always knew that they were fated to die. The ending was powerful and left me wondering about the things to come.

When I saw Phalanx on the bookshelves, I had immediately grabbed it and started reading it, and in the process, I put The Outcast Dead down. But after finishing Phalanx, I had to disconnect from the Warhammer universe for a while. I need a moment to get away from the darkness of it. Although I suppose THG is not exactly sunshine and roses either, I have seen the movie and I know it’s a lighter escape than 40k.

That’s all for now. Oh, and writing continues.

3 responses to “What’s New

      • I’m good, thanks. I lurk the forums, have been doing for years; but I’m not one for posting much. Perhaps if there was more room for arty types, the forum is understandably aimed to writers – and my English is not as good as my Spanish! Maybe one day I’ll have the guts to write a fanfic in English.

        The shout box is great but time consuming, I only go there if I know I can spend sometime chatting to people – otherwise it’ll look as I’m ignoring them 😛

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