The Dilly

Laundry. That's what's up.

Laundry. That's what's up.

I got distracted again.

If you have to ask why, it was because Dark Moon Books sent me an email for an alternative history anthology. Before long, this ended up in the email in-boxes of several Boltholers.

Before you knew it, we all agreed to write for it. So my own personal ebook anthology got pushed off. Again.

Out of a 6,000 word maximum limit, I already have 2,000 words written. I hope to be done by Tuesday at the earliest and Wednesday at the latest with the first draft. By then, I will need a break to step back and stop being so attached to my own writing. I have to kill my pride.

Then I’ll proof my story before turning it to a history expert and to the rest of the Boltholers for proofing. Why am I doing this instead of my own anthology? There was some discussion on the Bolthole about the value of self-publishing against being published by a company.

It seems more valuable, at least early on, to be published by another company as it indicates a degree of professionalism; working within deadlines, working with other people. It’s also technically cheaper (if accepted) because editing and the cover artist are covered by the company.

It’s frustrating to jump on every chance that comes along and continue to push off my own project. But getting published by full companies is far more valuable. So off we go again…

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