Another Day

You ever notice how bad news is usually things you didn’t see coming that hit you unexpectedly, while good news is often things you have worked hard to earn?

My brother’s computer has finally been repaired. Took a new power supply unit and Windows 7 installation. I thought hard about it; I could have installed Windows XP or Linux. But I don’t know how well he could handle Linux. And XP will eventually be phased out. It is a great OS, but Microsoft will eventually drag us forward. When Microsoft plays hardball with its customers, is it any surprise that many of them got on the Apple train?

Anyway, to pay my brother back for the pain in the rear it was to gather what I needed and actually do it, I left him a little one-fingered surprise for his desktop background. I’m sure he’ll love it.

Up this morning, I checked my weight and body fat percentage. Weight is down to 182.5, down from 188.5 lbs. It may sound like a lot, but a portion of that is just not eating as much as usual. The actual BFP is down from 14.1% to 13.7%, which is progress.

Good way to start the day. Prospero Burns review goes up in a few hours.

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