Overprotective Nostalgia

These guys TOTALLY stole this from Kanye West's "Stronger" music video!

These guys TOTALLY stole this from Kanye West's "Stronger" music video!

Today, I was perusing the soundtrack to the original Akira. I’m no longer the huge anime otaku I was back in my teenage years, but Akira is an amazing work of science fiction that deserves praise and recognition, and occasional reviewing.

One of the things that surprised me were a small collection of fans who object to Hollywood’s attempt to remake the movie live-action. Their comments can viewed here.

Now this is far from the first time I’ve ever seen this kind of protective nostalgia. And to be honest, I’ve never bothered to worry about it like they do. Can a horribly produced remake undo the original? Hell no. A good movie or game or whatever is being remade stands the test of time on its own. It neither needs a remake nor worries about it if it gets one. Nothing can ruin the original. Not even a poorly made sequel can, because even the sequel can be dismissed and ignored.

But that’s not good enough for some people. For some reason, they tend to view a remake or sequel as some kind of ‘affront’ to their memories. But what amuses me is that despite these fans who rejected the idea of a live-action remake of Akira, there were probably Japanese fans of the Akira manga who quietly objected to the animated movie being created in the first place. And believe you-me, that manga is damn good.

I just don’t get why people care that much. If it sucks, oh well. It’s not like’s forcing its way into your life. It shouldn’t ruin your memory of the original, and if you need to be reminded of how much the original rocked, go watch it. If you don’t like the game or movie being remade, don’t play or watch it. Don’t buy it. And don’t worry about it. Master your own universe already.

Me? I’m going to wait until I can at least see the trailers. And if it sucks, I’ll kick back, buy the original, and know that I spent my $10 on something I prefer.

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