Over Worked

I have to give up games for a week.

I just don’t have time. I had some balance between writing and gaming and the light work that came my way. I had been complaining to work that I did not have enough to do and that I should be given more reports to automate.

Instead, they had me working on tedious system administration tasks and IV&V (independent validation and verification) of the data. It’s tiring work to manually go into user profiles, update settings and then repeat for a few dozen users. Both myself and a senior guru wanted to go through the back-end and finish the tasks with a few well placed queries in the Oracle database. But the guru’s requests to get back-end access have been ignored or denied repeatedly.

Work then turned around, today, and granted my wish. A little too much and a little too fast. I suddenly have two new reports to automate on a tight deadline, followed closely by another report I have to repair. We switched over from a server side system to a web based one (at last), which was the reason for our system administrative work and IV&V.

I got started on the new report today. I have to get the data from the front end, and the data columns are not well labeled. I’ve got the data retrieval about 80% complete. When it’s done I’ll set up some Excel macros to format it appropriately.

During the transition to the web based platform, the format of the data I build my older reports (different ones) has changed, and has to be repaired. The Access DB I used to take in and process this data into the report has to be altered and tailored to the new data formats. It has to be fixed. It was a difficult task in the first place because of the awful way they presented the data. If you could see it, you’d understand why it’s poorly deliver.

And now it has to be done again. So I’m swamped at work. They kept bothering me and bothering me with light, annoying tasks and now they’re just going to overload me.

Which means I can’t write in my spare time at work.

Which means I have to write at home, and coupled with chores and Christmas shopping, something has to give. So I have to put the games aside.

Come Monday, I’ll slam these reports as hard as I can, and try to finish them before the week is up. I finished The Scarlet Letter and will write a review soon. I really want to talk about some of the themes and how they effect the modern political climate. I’m going to start reading Prospero Burns and get back into 40k at last.

Have a good weekend all.

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