Some Improvements

This is how American's celebrate good news!

This is how Americans celebrate good news!

Lots of small updates.

First thing I want to do is give a slightly delayed welcome to Lord Lucan to the blogosphere. You can find a link to his freshly created blog both with this link and on the Hip Cats section to the right.

I will be helping him over the next few days improve his blog’s technical and visual aspects.

Second, a new blog is up at the Bloghole written by yours truly, dealing with how to come up with ideas for writing. Check it out!

Third, the Publisher section has been updated, as I promised, with two new publishers. In this case, they’re both horror publishers, but more for all genres are on their way.

Fourth is that the Sample Writing section has been updated with a new general fiction story, The Office Warrior. Check it out for a chuckle.

Fifth and finally final, a new story writing competition will be going up this afternoon. Keep you posted.

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