And Rejection

Yesterday, I received my first rejection letter.

I’m sure many are to come. But what surprised me was the speed of which I received it. I had submitted that particularly sci fi story only a few days before and I was used to seeing warnings to the tune of 5 weeks, 60 to 90 day periods, so on. The haste of this rejection was clear: This is not what we’re looking for in the least.

Well, after my shock wore off I found another published who seemed a few degrees more open to the concept of my story and submitted it there. But as I looked over my portfolio of finished works, I accept that I have to establish a good pace of writing, editing and submitting (this takes time too, because you can to come up with a cover letter, make sure that your submission fits their criteria, etc).

Hey, Dead Space 2 is down to $20 on Steam. Temptations abound…


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