TF2 Intervention

Smiling crotch is not just the name of a drink anymore.

Smiling crotch is not just the name of a drink anymore.

Before I start, my review of the short stories is complete and waiting in the draft bin. As soon as Narrativium sends me his scores, we’re ready to announce the winner on Sunday.

Team Fortress 2? I made a deal with myself not to play the Pyro and Heavy for a long, long while.

It’s hard. I’m a straight forward kind of guy and those two are just that. But I want the stats and my understanding of other classes to catch up some. So I spent a sliver of my time playing as the Medic, Spy, Scout, Soldier and Sniper. I spent a healthy chunk as the Demoman and the most time yesterday as the Engineer.

The Demoman I used with what I learned from TF2Tactics, specifically the part about using the Demoman to counter the Engineer’s sentries. I used said tactics to launch stickybombs around the corner of a barn and take out the engineer, his sentry and some other BLU goon who was unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius. It was a proud, bloody moment, and an indication that I’m finally starting to show improvement with the Demoman.

The Engineer was what I invested the most time with and slowly began to improve. I focused on fast base building tactics, like using the resupply cabinet to quickly build a teleporter and sentry near the base, then move the sentry forward near an ammo crate so I can set up the dispenser and teleporter exit. Moving around the sentry was a nasty, nasty surprise for a lot of people. Little is as worse as coming around a corner and getting gunned down. It’s embarrassing and humiliating.

I was also very careful not to be a bland base builder. I’d get what I need up and then get my shotgun out to go hunting. I harassed players, tried to lead them into my sentry and be on the prowl for people trying to take our my base from strange angles. I grabbed up and moved my base away from fights I was losing just to save the devices. Losing a level 3 building is a huge loss of time and resources.

Playing as an Engineer also made me keenly aware of other anti-sentry strategies. I was shocked with a spy took over my sentry using his pistol at a distance outside its range. I watched out for Demoman bouncing pipe-charges and sometimes grabbed my gear and run to save it. And I kept tabs on when the enemy was using more or less Pyros, and then hid my sentries around corners less or more often respectfully.

You see, a Pyro is actually pretty decent at destroying your base, if he can get close. By using the splash damage of his flame thrower around a corner or edge, it’s sometimes  possible for him to destroy a sentry without personal risk to himself. I’ve done this before. So when the enemy has a lot of Pyros, I take care to put my sentry more out in the open so as to not give them an edge.


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