TF2 vs Space Marine

Yes! ... Yes!

Yes! ... Yes!

So I’ve decided to go back to Team Fortress 2 for a while. Only when I tried yesterday, all my Space Marine instincts conflicted with my game play.

One of the things that throws me are the classes. Space Marine has 3 classes, of which two are some what similar in play style. TF2 has 9 classes. When I first started playing Space Marine, had to remind myself that I don’t have to shoot my allies, since there are no Spies in Space Marine. But yesterday, I kicked myself when I tried to play as the spy and kept hitting Mouse 2 to try and stab a Soldier. It was a choice set up too and I screwed it up.

I’ll be visiting TF2 Tactics to review and get myself back up to speed, play against some bots for an hour and then get back on the servers once I’m ready to not embarrass myself. I got a lot of practice to do and when I finish, I may try my hand at tournaments again. I might even get back into Counter Strike soon just for that purpose. I was pretty damn good back in college.

Oh, here’s some news. The ESEA is running a tournament which includes over $80,000 worth of cash prizes. I’ve tried to do some Team Fortress 2 team set ups before but I couldn’t get a team together quickly enough.

I will also go back to Space Marine once the new update comes out on the 25th. But until it does, I’ll be blowing things up in TF2.

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