The Writing Wave

I screwed up.

The new story, “Centurion of Corbela” is nearly finished. Currently 12,500 words, and will finish around 13,500 to 14,000. A solid length and I am pleased with the work. The problem is I can only find about two publishers willing to accept lengths of that range and they are currently closed until around January 2012. Which means I’ll have to sit on the story until later. So for now, it goes no where.

The mistake I continue to make is to create things my way and hope for the best or find a right fit for it. I really need to focus on writing stories that I am being asked for. Most of them range around 4,000 to 8,000 words tops. This means that to really hit it, the story has to be more intensive than most. The plot and setting and characters all have to weave together efficiently and tightly.

So here’s what I’ll do.

First, I’m going to finish “Centurion of Corbela.” It’s little over a thousand words to go. I will store and edit it later. Then I’m going on a writing binge. I want to focus on pumping out about one story every two days.  Next week would be rough to start on this however, because work is demanding a report by next Friday and I’ve got a wedding to go to that day. I got to wrap up my software issues in three days tops.

I’ll set up a goal. 9 new pieces, all perfect short story lengths, by December. I want to get a writing wave going. Oh yeah.

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