I didn’t post yesterday.

I’ve been extremely disciplined about posting for the last couple of months. But yesterday, work hit me with drone work. Researching, guessing. Yes, guessing. I’m a little aghast myself, but the fact is that the data I need isn’t there.

Another set back, I haven’t heard from the editor I’ve been relying on. She’s probably slammed with work or the like. But I’ve got no choice but to keep pumping on and submit my work after some review. Fact is the rate I’m trying to pump out my work is just going to overwhelm anyone who would be editing this stuff pro bono. So… I’m going to have to proof read myself.

Yeah, that sucks. But what can I do? Fact is I’m blowing past my initial goal of 25,000 words a month in impressive time. My choices are either pay an editor, do it myself, or drive friends crazy with favors.

Going to keep at it. I’m writing a book review for later, so look for it then.

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