So Mmmngry

Some of my art for no particular reason.

Some of my art for no particular reason.

Is there anything more passive aggressive than the strike out option? Well shut your pie hole! If there is, then let me know.

Because I had a rough time yesterday with my entry, Confessions of a Tech Priest. While using the numerically ordered list button, I kept losing my line breaks. I went back a dozen times, but it kept failing to create new paragraphs at random points. It was infuriating to deal with and I’m not certain I got it all.

I’ve been trying to help my friend get an IT position he needs to start his career. He even created a Youtube posting about it to give voice to his frustration. Only today I found out that he has not been using Craigslist. I corrected that quickly and found several positions he should have luck trying for. Cross your fingers for him.

In the mean time, I’ve been writing more fantasy. I now have two long and incomplete pieces waiting to be finished and it kind of frustrates me. One of the pieces grew into something far larger than I thought it would, approaching near novella length. It also requires some research to make more detailed. Maybe I’ll just set it aside and focus on the short stories until I get published a few times. Then lengthen and complete it, and pitch it as a full novel.

So it’s strictly pulp fiction for me for a while. Oh, I’m at 19939 words this month so far.

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