The Night of Willem Dafoe

"By the time you finish reading this blog, you'll realize that it has almost nothing to do with me. But thanks for coming out."

"By the time you finish reading this blog, you'll realize that it has almost nothing to do with me. But thanks for coming out."

I awoke this morning to the sensation of war drums going off in my head. Brain was trying to tell me something

“Hey, get up. Stomach says he’s empty,” Brain told me.

“Can’t,” I replied. “Bed too comfortable.”

“You also need to go to work. You require capital to ensure the continued comfort in your bed as well as sustenance for your on going existence.”

“Curse you and your flawless logic, Brain!” I screamed as I got up.

So why was Brain pounding at my head? You see, I originally went to happy hour with Fernando, expecting it to last until about 7. I would have a few drinks, go home and work on my Vengeance Launcher skills in Space Marine. Instead, Darpan, Tim and Paul showed up and I was impressed into Fernando’s… Army of the Night.

And then we [Error 404, memory corrupted due to over consumption of alcoholic beverages]. And then I woke up.

So there you have it folks. I do have a life. I think.

Moving along, I reconnected with a chum of mine. Kristen had been absent for too long until I found her on Google+ and added her to my circles. She too had been sick with what she dubbed, “the crud.” A fine name. Who bothers to study the myriad of symptoms to figure out if the most recent of trendy fashionable illnesses are a cold or a flu? “The crud” is as fine a name as any. After all, she’s an expert in nameology.

Just like Willem Dafoe. Man, Dafoe is the pine nuts of the movie industry. He goes with everything.

So back to writing, I finished yesterday with 12860 words towards my submissions. That’s a nice chunk of characters and already over half my goal of roughly 25,000 words a month. The new piece I’m working on excites me though. It’s a present day crime drama that mingles a few comic book elements into it without going overboard. Kind of like Christopher Nolan‘s take on the Batman series: edgy with a focus on the characters, themes and psychology. But nothing supernatural. In one sitting, I tacked 3,300 words into it. So now I’m worried that it could go very well passed the average length of a short story and become a novella, which would make publishing it… tricky.

Welp, that’s all for now. Your lucky numbers are 5, 17, -2 and π. Oh, and remember when I named this blog “The Night of Willem Dafoe”?

I lied.

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