Bad News Good News

L'Oreal a business of misogyny! Click to read more!*

L'Oreal is a business of misogyny!* Click to read more!

It’s time for another round of bad news, good news.

Bad news first, because I believe in finishing in a positive light. I’m sick. It’s hot and I’m coughing up a storm. Some warm green tea with a healthy dash of honey can help with the symptoms without having to drug myself up should I go get some drinks tonight with my brother and pals. I’ve gotten through the worst of it, as I was sweating bullets yesterday, but it’s still here.

The good news is one of my stories is finished. A sword and sorcery piece, although I use that term reluctantly because I haven’t added any sorcery to it. Still, it’s finished at 5074 words without editing. I am going to send the piece to a friendly editor who will mercilessly butcher help rewrite it. So today, after finishing my reports, I’m going to edit it and send it to my friend. Then get going on another piece I have in mind.

No thanks to Raziel4707 for this, but I am now hooked on The Daily Mash. A British knock off of The Onion. Something tells me my entire day is going to be wasted on horrendously bad news articles.

Oh, before I sign off, here’s a link to a news feed for Onion-like Headlines… from real news sources.

*- I am only kidding. Please don’t sue me.

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