Writing in Progress

Brought to you by the 'cats', over at Icanhascheeseburger.com,

Brought to you by the... 'cats', over at Icanhascheeseburger.com.

Okay… so…

I set aside the sci-fi piece I’m working on to write a swords-and-sorcery story. The sci-fi piece is depressing, and I need a break from it since it’s a third from being finished.

Now, I’ve been keeping tabs on the sheer number of words I’ve been writing since September 20th of this year (besides what I write in the blog here) and will make monthly notes of how many new words I write. My goal is to maintain about 20,000 words a month but preferably something to the range of 30,000 if possible.

So far, I’m at 4,861 words in the past 4 days, so I’m chugging along at a decent rate. Of those words, 2063 have been submitted to publishers with my fingers crossed.

Now in order to speed this up, I went back in time and found all my old writings in 2010 for the Halloween season. I never submitted or published any of this stuff. In fact aside from the last week, the only company I have ever, in my life, submitted work for professional reasons has been the Black Library. And yet despite this, dozens of pieces of work just sort of add up for fun and emotional relief on my hard drives and blogs. For no reason except that I enjoy it.

I just love writing. I’ve been willing to do it for so long without profit except to my own personal fulfillment. But now I’m old enough that I want to do what I love at least partially for a living.

Obviously, I cannot submit the stuff that has ended up on my blog. But, I have plenty of other pieces which have never seen the light of day. They just sit there worthlessly on my PC. So I’ve dug them up and added them to my submissions tracking. They need work in order to fit the requirements for publishers, but that won’t take long.

Oh, another thing. Those things that I have blog and forum published? That I cannot submit? I’m going to create another page on my blog soon in order to showcase what I have done. I figure that I talk so much about writing, I should probably just go ahead and prove that there is already some of my work out there.

Hope next week brings good news. Til then, stay classy internet.

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