Last of the Musicians

So it takes a lot of work to research songs for writing that don’t have lyrics and do have original composers and artists. This maybe my last music for writing update for a while.

However, I’m going out with a bang and am adding 11 songs. In truth, I found the 11th today while goofing off and looking at Fallout mods on Youtube. However, it is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. The theme from 28 Days Later.

And now onto the list.

  1. Master Works, by Akira Ifukube.
    I’m sure you’re familiar with Godzilla and perhaps some of the crazy, giant lizard induced apocalypse music.
  2. Peter and the Wolf March, by Serge Prokofiev.
    Sounds like Peter is off to some mischief.
  3. Space Marine – A Hero’s Legacy, by Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan.
    Space Marine has some incredible music too. The gent who put this up also added much of the rest of the soundtrack if not all of it.
  4. Symphony No. 5, by Mahler.
    A heavenly piece.
  5. Chaos Legion – Solemn Voice, by Fukasawa Hideyuki.
    I’ve never played Chaos Legion, only heard the strange techno gothic songs. Runes and circuits.
  6. Ico – Entity Extended, by Michiru Oshima.
    An evil entity at that.
  7. Killzone 2 – Birth of War Retribution, by Joris de Man.
    Chorus and gunfights. Warfare tragedy. Aw yeah.
  8. Gears of War – Main Theme, by Kevin Riepl.
    Kind of like a futuristic version of Vagrant Story‘s music here.
  9. Rygar: The Legendary Adventure – Colosseo, by Takayasu Sodeoka.
    Greco-roman adventuring at its finest.
  10. Machinarium – The Castle, by Tomas Dvorak.
    I have never heard of this game, and when I found out about it, I was stunned. People still make point and click puzzle adventures? Odd…

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