Further Musical Musings

Still a fan favorite.

Still a fan favorite.

The first three are stranger pieces. If you’re not in the mood for anything weird, skip directly to number four.

  1. Laguna Indigo, by Liquid Mind.
    This will probably put you to sleep, but if that’s your intention. Something like scientific discovery.
  2. Russia, by Magna Canta.
    Gregorian hymns, turned into techno!
  3. Source #2, by Jerry Goldsmith.
    80s sci fi music awwww yeaaaaaaaaah…
  4. I Am Legend – Main Theme, by James Newton Howard.
    I Am Legend was both good and bad. The downside was that they took the original story and tossed it under a speeding bus. The good was Will Smith‘s acting, given that the movie was basically a one man show.
  5. Sunshine – What Do You See, by John Murphy & Underworld.
    I think the word for this is, ‘illumination.’ Never heard of Sunshine though.
  6. The Illusionist – Orange Tree, by Philip Glass.
    I found this one while scrounging fan favorite lists. Pretty damn magical piece from the movie that has earned a spot on my playlist.
  7. Letters From Iwo Jima – Theme, by Kyle Eastwood.
    A piano heavy piece with a lot of sorrow somewhere in it, yet without slowing down. It mixes military band music in it, especially towards the end. Never saw the movie however.
  8. Neon Genesis Evangelion – Thanatos, by Masamichi Amano.
    Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most rewarding anime shows for people to watch, if they can get over the fact that it looks like a cartoon. The soundtrack is eclectic and although you will not find it suitable for everything, a few pieces will probably fit your purposes.
  9. Eight Warriors of the Demon Clan, Ninja Scroll OST.
    I recently watched Ninja Scroll against for the first time in ages. Sadly, it was better in my memories than on the screen. The movie’s plot was still amazing as was the art, but I forgot how lackluster the animation was compared to today. That, and I watched it dubbed which is always heart tearing bad. On the bright side, I never noticed the amazing soundtrack until now.
  10. Carmina Burana – O Fortuna, by Carl Orff.
    This is one of those rare exceptions I make with the lyrics. The words are sung in Latin. But the song is powerful nonetheless.

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