So Exhausted

Kupotos! God of War! Is what I wish I felt like...

Kupotos, Mog of War, is what I wish I felt like right this minute.

I have not been sleeping well.

Mentally, I’ve been taking my work home with me. Over the weekend I can’t help but think about the code and find errors without even looking at it. Hence my Mondays are spent squashing bugs before they ever see the light of day.

I guess it’s the stress coupled with allergies, coupled with reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which have caused some sleepless nights. Only 30 pages left in the book so I’ll be finished with it this weekend.

Narrativium jokingly asked the rest of the Bolthole not to write for a while longer. Most of us haven’t, as we hit obstacles for various reasons. In my case, I’ve decided to just go with one story for the September submission window. But I’m staring at my summary and haven’t worked on the rewritten version in the least.

To be blunt, the week has been a pretty drastic failure. I wrote a to-do list of things, such as working out, taking care of various odds and ends around the house. Working on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) so I can give my blogs a huge update soon. I hit Monday hard and did everything. Then the rest of the week fell apart.

Aurelian comes out in little over a week. Fascinating as it is, I’m not getting it. Not when the price is $50. Much as I love Warhammer 40k, I have self respect enough to wait and be patient for the price to drop after it’s re-released at least two years from now. I’m just not convinced it’s a good deal for me. But I’ve no doubt that there are least 3,000 people who desperately want to know and understand what happened to Lorgar.

Time to get out of here. Got to work out, shower and go to a farewell party. I’ll get my story finished next week. Peace y’all.

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