Oh What a Night

The Soldier doing CPR wrong.

The Soldier doing CPR wrong.

What a night.

Yesterday, I cracked open my Playstation 2 to try and realign the laser as well as do a spot of cleaning. I found a handy guide for it as well as a few Youtube videos. What sucks about that guide is that they were having picture problems yesterday, but I remembered enough when I first read the guide to repair it.

Sadly, my efforts didn’t bare much fruit. The PS2 games are working, as Metal Gear Solid 3 ran swimmingly. Vagrant Story didn’t boot when I finished although it did run earlier, and Escape from New York ran just once. Still, I don’t need the DVD player (I have another). I’d be content if the PS and PS2 games ran. I’m going to try some rubbing alcohol to touch up the laser next time.

Maybe I should consider a Playstation 3. They recently dropped the price to a tidy $250. I guess I worry about when it’s coming and how much the Playstation 4 will cost. I also want to play Metal Gear Solid 4 and a few other games, but Hideo Kojima is still being a tease about Zone of the Enders 3.

Earlier in the night I played more Team Fortress 2. My performance hasn’t been great lately, with a kill-to-death ratio of 1:1. When you factor assists into it (which I personally score as .5 kills), I’m not doing terrible. Still, I want to get better. Although the Pyro is still my favorite, the Soldier has really been growing on me as I start using the Equalizer and rocket jumps. What gets me about the Soldier is that it’s the perfect class for both beginners and experts, since the rockets are easy to understand but rocket jumps and the rest of the Soldier’s arsenal require some experience. That and making people’s heads a ‘splode.

Ahahah, Strong Bad. Maybe I should check out Poker Night at the Inventory. Oh, and Back to the Future. Damn you Steam!

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