More!? You Want More?

Mix magos in the house.

Mix magos in the house.

Another round of music. The top five of this stuff is more techno-ish, so if that’s not your thing or you want something more fantasy like you’re better off skipping this. The better stuff is on the bottom for general writing. I’ll make sure that my next list is far more epic inspiring, but you’ll probably find something you like here.

  1. Nightradio, by Gabriel Le Mar vs Cylancer.
    Crazy sci fi nuttery!
  2. Dirty Thirty, by The Crystal Method featuring Peter Hook.
    Give this one like 30 seconds of warm up.
  3. Over, by Pole Folder.
    Naked woman on the picture, just a head’s up if you’re at work.
  4. Melborn, by Luke Chable.
    Like a planet of diamonds with drum beats.
  5. Warhead, by Zircon.
    Aptly named. Probably the best of this list.
  6. Miss You, by Trentemoller.
    A creepy piece akin to the Silent Hill game series.
  7. The Fall, by Way Out West.
    I can only describe this as cyber-jungle.
  8. Strings Outro, by Culprit1.
    If a hero learned something sad but extremely important.
  9. Spectrum of the Sky, by Break from Reality.
    This one gets progressively better.
  10. Cascade, by Hyper.
    Imagine something under construction. And then fast forward it by like, 30. Faster. Faster!

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