More Music?!

And here we go again. With the exception of the one, these 10 songs will be a lot more hit or miss for most people. There’s probably going to be something on this list you latch onto, but it’s unlikely that you will enjoy everything here.

  1. Icarus (extended version), Deux Ex Human Revolution OST.

    Normally I’d let you go to the link, but this piece is incredible. Very Blade Runner-esque. Major Rawne of the Bolthole found this and floored me. This has taken over as one of my new favorite pieces.
  2. Polovtsian Dances, by Aleksandr Borodin.
    You may have heard this song by the name ‘Strange Paradise’ by Bond. There was also another version released for Dance Dance Revolution. The original version might be better for fantasy settings, while any remixed version might be better for sci-fi or the dance floor.
  3. Passacaglia, by Secret Garden.
    A slow, sad melody that sometimes makes you think of a sad tales from Eastern Europe.
  4. Prelude No. 1, by Tao of Groove.
    A progressive trance piece.
  5. Moonlight Sonata, by Dominic Miller.
    Ready for a treat? Forget the orchestra, this piece is primarily played on a guitar, making it lonelier than ever.
  6. The Execution, by Paul Cantelon.
    From the original soundtrack of The Other Boleyn Girl.
  7. The Gael, by Doug Maclean.
    Remember Last of the Mohicans?

    Because they could.

    Because they could.

  8. Intriguing Possibilities, by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.
    From the soundtrack to The Social Network, meaning it will be unusual to say the least.
  9. Mushroom, by Junkie XL.
    Another progressive trance bit that tastes of The Matrix at first before turning into something that Hybrid would make.
  10. Crush (instrumental version), by Pendulum.
    Very fast paced and hard. I think you’d want to listen to this if you serious want to pump out an action sequence from beginning to end without looking back until you proof read.

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