You know what they say about guys with huge guts. ;)

You know what they say about guys with huge guts. 😉

I started writing a piece about the various aspects of Khorne. While I liked where it was going and started noticing a few things I had not considered before, I had to stop in order to reference some of my old books a little later.

I’m a touch steamed about having to slow my roll, but that’s just the way it is. I’d rather have a higher quality, though provoking piece than just some random crap I slung together. Like the guys who did the Doom comic here.

Work is tumbling down on me so I’m typing while handling the load. That’s the downside to when people find out you’re valuable. Also, a correction from yesterday. It turns out that the repair tab for the National Cathedral could cost in the millions, hence my insinuation of them being ‘good for it’ can probably be challenged.

On the plus side, I actually topped a new record for daily views yesterday at 43. For an amateur blog barely a week old, that doesn’t seem too bad. I also purchased Sabbat Worlds Anthology (hardcover) for $12 thanks to Borders collapsing. I also came across this masterpiece coming out this October.

Oh, I smell an Oscar for Hugh Jackman

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