This puppy is a prince of evil! Of... (yaaaaaaaaaawn) .... ugh, evil... zzzz.

It’s been a chill day, working on some of my technical skills. I’m over half done with James Swallow’s Nemesis. The writing structure is similar to the back-and-forthery of Simon Spurrier’s Lord of the Night, but switching after a few paragraphs and not by chapters. The book was growing a bit boring around the 175 pages mark, but a little after page 200, redeemed itself. I’ll write a full review after I finish. My fictional reading list after includes Prospero Burns, Atlas Infernal and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I don’t want my list of books to grow too long. Reviews shall follow.

I should probably get started working on my pitches for the September submission window. ……soooooooooo lazy.

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